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B2B Selling Guide

The guide is a response to the growing demand of sales departments for the transformation of the transactional sales model towards the Agile Advisory Sales model in the B2B segment.

It will be regularly supplemented and expanded with new sections. I encourage you to ask questions and a constructive discussion based on your experience.



Guides, meetings, industry events and much more.

Join the community and become an expert in Agile B2B Selling. Build new set of competencies and become Leader, not Manager.


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The 2020 State of B2B Marketing & Sales – International Study

Our goal is to discover stoppers and game changers of Digital Transformation in marketing and sales teams. We believe the answer is hidden in relations in triangle: Top management – Marketing – Sales.

Join our study and find out how you can improve your B2B Marketing and become more Agile.

“The 2020 State of B2B Marketing & Sales – International Study Report” will be available free of charge.


Our great Customers about us

  • Proper selection of tools and form of training for B2B sales reps adjusted to various profiles of participants. Bravo!

    Project for Volkswagen Group Poland

    Michal Chyla
    Michal Chyla Key Account Manager for SME at Volkswagen Group Polska
  • Content Platform development allowed Future Processing to expand its portfolio of lead generation techniques and build the image of an expert.

    Project for Future Processing

    Tomasz Hanke
    Tomasz Hanke Marketing and Lead Generation Manager
  • We have implemented a new CRM system and a new approach to sales management, which translated into the fastest growth in the electrotechnical industry in Poland according to Deloitte.

    Project for Luxon LED Sp. z o. o.

    Maciej Szott
    Maciej Szott Board member, Head of Sales and Marketing
  • Understanding customers and their needs is one thing. Understanding the needs and customers on another market (country) is a completely different story. B2B Power Group did very well on that field. I recommend working wiht them!

    Project for ZT "Kruszwica" S.A.

    Slawomir Grzegrzolka
    Slawomir Grzegrzolka B2B Export Sales Manager B2B at Bunge
  • If you think that as a manager you already know everything, then you might are wrong ;-). B2B Power Group will make you aware how your attitude affects your team and how it translates into effectiveness.

    Project for DocPlanner

    Małgorzata Domagała
    Małgorzata Domagała Inbound Manager
  • Cooperation with Victor Lyczko has enabled our B2B Marketing department to become a team capable of achieving goals hand in hand Sales Team. Victor transfers knowledge in a perfect way and raises managers' awareness in the field of B2B Marketing.

    Project for Future Processing

    Tomasz Hanke
    Tomasz Hanke Lead Generation Manager is a part of consortium: